Evian x Coperni

November 13th, 2023: evian® reveals its latest designer collaboration with Coperni. The limited edition 75cl glass bottle is now available globally in selected retailers.

Through glimpsing inside the bottle, consumers are taken on an artistic voyage and invited see the world through the playful lens of evian and Coperni, where innovation, movement, and life converge in a mesmerizing dance of creativity and imagination. At the heart of the constellation lies a depiction of the iconic and pure* source of evian mineral water at Evian Les Bains

As the eye traverses further, the journey of evian water is portrayed through the pristine mountains, signifying the brand's connection to nature. As the natural mineral water is filtered through layers of preserved Alpine rock for more than 15 years, the artful fusion of the bottle’s designs captures this harmony of art and science, encapsulating both brands' innovative and youthful spirit.