Mini Meteorite Swipe Bag

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A limited edition, dark grey stone bag with an incorporated meteorite.

Each piece is exclusively handmade, so the shape may vary slightly from the picture. The meteorite will be individually sourced per each order and can come from various locations, depending on where the meteorite fell on earth. The rare Stone is crafted by hand and incorporated into the bag by the Italian factory Semar.

Expected delivery: 6 weeks.

Due to the bespoke nature of Meteorite Swipe Bag, it is non-refundable.

For specific questions please contact our Customer Service.

Size Chart

As a part of the Fall / Winter 23, Coperni have exclusively created the mini “Meteorite” Swipe Bag. A unique object that subtly combines archeology, design, and classical and primitive art. The specific meteorite featured in the photograph, is estimated to fell on Earth 55,000 years ago and is certified 100% authentic by Theatrum Mundi.

Each piece will vary slightly

Body Height 9cm / 3.5in
Hole Height 12cm / 4.7in
Total Height 23cm / 9in

Stone / Resin
Dark Grey
Made in Italy
Weight: around 1.8kg / 3.9lbs
Comes with certificate of authenticity
Comes in branded, secure packaging